SAFE in Sag Harbor is a coalition of parents, educators, representatives of law enforcement, students, members of the business community, local media, community organizations and others gathering together to show our kids all the fun and exciting things there are to do in our incredible community without the use of alcohol and drugs. We hope you'll dedicate your time and ideas to help our kids realize their full potential.

Get Involved

SAFE will organize fun activities for Sag Harbor youth, but the success we can realize will be limited without your help; to truly succeed, we need the full involvement of all in the Sag Harbor community, irrespective of whether you have kids in or nearing the prime risk years for alcohol and drug abuse. We need every bit of support we can get from as many individuals as possible to ensure that all Sag Harbor kids are SAFE.

Be SAFE. Join us




October 30

November 27

January 15

February 26

All the meetings are from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in a location to be announced. The public is encouraged to attend.

News & Events 

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