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3 Reasons To Take Part In Red Ribbon Week

School hallways across the U.S. will be adorned with Red Ribbons throughout the week, starting on Monday, October 23. That's because they are participating in the Red Ribbon Campaign, organized by the National Family Partnership, the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation. It's a week set aside for everyone in the community to come together toward a common goal:  create a drug-free America. The red ribbon symbolizesintolerance towards the use of drugs. 

Sag Harbor schools and those in many of the surrounding communities will work with students--and their families--to provide workshops and training in making healthy lifestyle choices. 

So why should you be a part of Red Ribbon Week?

1. Note the name of the sponsor: the National Family Partnership. Family. Partnership. Working together is key. 

2. The Red Ribbon Campaign is designed to get people talking, and that includes parents talking to their kids about the risks of drug use. If not now, when?

3. A main point of the campaign is mass participation. The more people who hear the message, the easier it is to promote positive change. 

What are you waiting for? Take the pledge