Our Mission

To engage our community to reduce drug, alcohol and other high risk behaviors use by our youth by implementing environmental changes and encouraging healthy alternative choices using evidence-based strategies.

Our Story

The Sag Harbor Coalition was formed in 2012 to develop solutions to alcohol and substance use among youth in the Sag Harbor community at levels far in excess of national averages. In October of 2016, the Coalition announced the creation of SAFE (Substance-Abuse-Free Environment) in Sag Harbor to carry out the Coalition's mission of creating fun and engaging alternatives to alcohol and drug abuse.

SAFE in Sag Harbor builds on the original Coalition goal of using proven strategies designed to engage all sectors of the Sag Harbor community in the common goal of creating a safer and healthier environment for both kids who use drugs and alcohol and those who do not. A substantial part of SAFE's mission is to continue to strengthen ties among youth, parents, local businesses, religious and fraternal orders, schools, media outlets, organizations serving youth, law enforcement, civic and volunteer groups, healthcare, government agencies and any other organizations willing to help further SAFE's goals.

Group successes to date include the creation of parent workshops, sponsorship of various healthy and safe community activities, dissemination of information about "social host" laws, a successful campaign encouraging local businesses to request two forms of identification when selling alcohol or tobacco products and the creation of school programs designed to further the group's goals. 

The Sag Harbor Coalition, which continues as the parent organization of Safe in Sag Harbor, was approved as a not-for-profit corporation in 2013 and entered into an agreement with Human Understanding and Growth Services, Inc. to serve as a the legal applicant for a federal grant that funds group activities.

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